Stand number: EX17

Present in over 78 countries and 263 destinations worldwide DOLL's highlift trucks have always been regarded as market leaders when it comes to quality, innovation and safety.

The DOLL highlift trucks portfolio offers catering, cleaning and medical vehicles to meet sill heights between the range from 1,150 mm up to 8,300 mm

Thanks intelligent CAN bus technology all the vehicle functions are managed for maximum safety and ease of use. Intelligent sensor technology ensures the elevation, docking and transfer processes run smoothly  – and everything is clearly monitored on displays in the driver's cab and superstructure.

The installed safety features and operating assistants are unparalleled – and of course they comply with all the latest international guidelines, such as EN, IATA, ANSI and SAE.

All Doll highlift trucks are equipped with the innovative Doll RDS Remote Diagnostic System.
The Doll RDS system allows our engineers in Germany to log into the vehicle operating system, wherever it is operated in the world, in order to provide quickly remote technical assistance, software updates and performance improvements.

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